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River Wear Access Platforms

Wear Rivers Trust maintains angling platforms along the River Wear in order to keep them accessible.

We have taken on the management of the angling platforms along the river in Durham and Chester-le-Street. Without attention they become very overgrown and are no use to anglers or other river users. Funding from the Environment Agency fisheries team has enabled our Project Officer to get trained to use brushcutter and knapsack sprayer and to buy the necessary equipment to control vegetation.

We have also had the support of volunteers: during Summer 2013, local residents, WRT volunteers and members of Chester-le-Street and District Angling Club have helped with maintenance tasks. For example, willow has been cut and made into bundles which now act as bank protection around platform bases.

Working with Chester-le-Street Angling club  New equipment  Clearing around the platforms   

Platforms are located in Chester-le-Street Riverside Park and between Prebends Bridge and Kingsgate Bridge in Durham. Each area has an all-ability access platform as well as individual angling platforms and there is also a canoeing access platform in Durham. Click on the maps to open larger versions. Please remember that fishing on the Wear at Durham is not allowed unless you are a member of Durham City Angling Club. If you wish to fish at Chester-le-Street you can get day tickets from the Riverside Sports Pavilion, located by the cricket ground.

Chester-le-Street platform locations Durham platform locations

Funders of the project:

Environment Agency

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