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Habitats & Inhabitants

The Ecology of the River Wear Catchment

We are fortunate to have a wonderful range of wildlife in the catchment, including rare and endangered species, which provide inspiration for studying the following topics:

Life Cycles

Using the examples of insect species found in our river, we can illustrate development from aquatic to terrestrial life stages. We can also learn about the amazing journey of migratory eels, salmon and trout.

Food Chains

Aquatic food chains can be complex. We can explain the links between producers, prey and predators and how they are all dependant on each other.


Water is essential for all life but some species don't just need it to drink it; they live in it. And water isn't the same throughout the river's course. Some species are adapted to live in fast flowing streams, others prefer slower rivers and some can survive in harsh saline environments at the river's mouth. We'll help look at how these species make the best of where they live.

Problems and Issues

The River Wear isn't without its share of problems. Pollution, invasive species, obstructions and disturbance can all have a negative effect on the river's wildlife. We'll explain what the problems are and what we can all do to help.

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Invasive Species

Stop The Spread of invasive species by following the Check Clean Dry campaign!