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The Geography of the River Wear

River Features

For centuries the river has been an important part of the landscape of County Durham. The River Wear shows typical examples of both natural and man-made features. With its source in the North Pennines, flowing through Weardale, the Wear Valley and out to sea at Sunderland, the River Wear is characterised by a number of important geographical features. We can introduce these features, either through school trips or in the classroom, and help explain how they were formed and the role they play in the river's geography and environment.

Water Cycle

Warer is a finite resource and we can use the River Wear catchment as context to describe just how it gets recycled and re-used naturally and through human intervention.

Problems and Issues

The River Wear is constantly evolving through erosion and deposition. Often human intervention is required to manage these processes but sometimes preventing one problem can cause problems in other areas. We'll explain the need for flood defences, water extraction and describe how humans have used water over the centuries, and also look at the impact these have on the environment and the river itself.

KillhopeWearmouth Bridge, Sunderland

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Invasive Species

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