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Fish Migration Game

Avoid the hazards and try your luck at getting your fish up the river to its spawning grounds.

This game can be played in two ways

  • like a traditional snakes & ladders game, by throwing a dice and moving the counter by the same number of spaces as that shown on the dice. There are arrows to highlight helpful features which allow you to move forwards extra spaces or problems that will send you back a few spaces.
  • or by flicking counters from circle to circle. Each circle gets smaller as you progress and you have to go back to the circle you're flicking from if you miss the next circle. To really use the game in a river context, collect river smoothed stones and try to roll them into the circles.

Download : fish migration game [368KB]

Play the game online

Family Quiz

Test your knowledge of the River Wear.

How much do you know about the River Wear? This is your chance to find out with our family quiz

Floating toys

Make your own fish, ducks and boats.

Our floating fish, ducks and boats have proved very popular at events.

download the templates :

Eye-Spy, Caddisfly

Caddisfly are one of the masters of camouflage. How many larvae can you spot?

This simple factsheet shows just how Caddisfly larvae use their building skills to make a case that helps them blend into their environment.

More information : Eye-spy, caddisfly

Eye-Spy, Stonefly

Stonefly like fast running streams with plenty of rocks to hide behind

This simple factsheet shows how Stonefly larvae live and grow in upland streams.

More information : Eye-spy, stonefly

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Invasive Species

Stop The Spread of invasive species by following the Check Clean Dry campaign!