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Floating Duck

To make your own floating duck, first download the template. You need to carefully cut around the outline.

If you use thin under-floor foam insulation, then it will float much better as this is not only lighter than paper, but also water-proof.

With the ducks head facing away from you, fold the left strip in front the duck's neck and fold it again until it is behind the neck. It may be easier to lift the duck's head towards you as you do this.

Repeat this with the right hand strip and staple both the strips to the duck's neck.

Staple the tail together to form a floating boat shape.

Fold the beak down the middle, then each side forward along the dotted lines.

Staple, or glue, each side of the beak in place.

You have now made your floating duck.

You can try experimenting with various beak shapes and colour your duck to make a variety of patterns.

make a floating duck Mallard with ducklings

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