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Floating Fish

To make your floating fish, you will need

  • 24"/600mm length of foam rubber (we used an old camping mat, cut into ½"/12mm strips)
  • thin foam sheet (we used some spare 2mm under-floor insulation), cut into 7"/180mm squares
  • one small elastic band
  • stapler
  • waterproof, permanent markers
form a fish shape


  1. bend the foam over to form a 'fish' shape and hold it together with the elastic band
  2. place the 'fish' on the foam sheet
    form a fish shape
  3. staple the sheet to the fish outline (it's often easier to start at the tail)staple the sheet
  4. decorate your 'fish' with the permanent markers
    decorate your fish
  5. Your fish is now ready for its first swimming lesson.

You can use longer, narrower rectangular foam to give a more streamlined shape to your 'fish'. Does this float faster or slower than the squarer shapes?

Or add some more foam to make a tail.


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