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Mayfly in the Classroom

Mayfly in the Classroom is a hands-on environmental project that allows young people to engage with river habitat processes by involving them in the life cycle of one of our key river species.

Releasing an adult mayfly

The Mayfly in the Classroom project was developed by the Wild Trout Trust to help children understand the importance of river ecology by bringing one amazing process, the life cycle of the mayfly, into the classroom for children to witness. The project has been taken up with great success by schools all over the country and the Wear Rivers Trust is pleased to be able to offer the opportunity to schools in the Wear catchment. 

The project runs for about two weeks, beginning with children creating simple aquaria and going on a trip to a river to collect mayfly nymphs to take back to school. Children then do daily checks on the aquaria to monitor the mayflies' progress and at the end of the project another trip to the river is made to release the adult mayflies that have emerged.

The project not only gives children the chance to participate in an amazing lifecycle but demonstrates the important food chain links between aquatic and terrestrial habitats and highlights the importance of clean water for habitat health. This project facilitates cross-curricular learning activities such as geographical field work, scientific monitoring, report and creative writing and art and design activities.

 Mayfly in the Classroom kit set-up     Mayfly in the Classroom kit set-up

This project is easy to run but has great benefits for the young people involved and we hope it will provoke new respect and care for the river environment. Equipment and WRT staff support will be provided. The project is seasonal and can be run from late April - September. If you are interested in getting your school or group involved then please browse the Mayfly in the Classroom resources page and then contact Lucy Lovett.

Project Picture Gallery

Follow the links below to see pictures by the children who have taken part in the project.

Howden-le-Wear Primary School

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