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Mayfly in the Classroom Resources

These Mayfly in the Classroom resources have been created by the Wild Trout Trust for use by school groups:

A teacher’s introduction and reference to Mayfly in the Classroom - detailed document providing loads of mayfly facts and references to help run the project

Basic apparatus assembly - instructions for teachers and pupils

How to look after your mayflies - daily guide for pupils

Maintenance and care - additional teacher's notes

Daily recording sheet - this can be used as it is or as a template to adapt

Safe temperature guide - to display by your aquaria

Mayfly classroom display

Mayfly fact sheet - for younger pupils

Collage activity ideas - for younger pupils

Further Mayfly resources and activities for your project:

Questions for children to research

Research question answers

Online resources list - there are a lot of resources listed in the teacher's guide but we have created a succint list indicating web pages and great videos that children should use and watch to help them with answering the research questions

Mayfly wordsearch - help children learn the key terms

Mayfly poem sheet - inspire children to write their own mayfly poems or stories!

Mayfly life cycle

Mayfly nymph fact sheet

Picture activity sheet - blank sheet for children to draw their mayflies


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Funders and partners of the Mayfly in the Classroom project: 

Tyne and Wear Community Foundation      

Resource images from Riverfly Partnership

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