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Riverfly for Schools

Riverfly for Schools is a hands-on environmental project where children engage with their local environment by monitoring water quality and learning about river habitats and the pressures they face. 

This unique project is for schools who want to give their pupils the opportunity to take part in real science, which contributes to the work of environmental organisations, whilst simultaneously developing skills and understanding which meet national curriculum requirements, and all while building a sustained link with the local environment.

Monitoring riverfly life is a simple yet scientifically-robust way of keeping an eye on water quality and it is being done by a network of volunteers across the country. Here in the Wear catchment we are the first to recognise that children and young people should be given the opportunity to get involved through their schools and clubs because the monitoring has great benefits for their educational and personal development as well as for the conservation of our rivers.

What does it involve?Children sorting through their riverfly sample

  • Find a local sampling site
  • Choose a staff member to attend a training day
  • Take children out to do the sampling each month
  • Send data back
  • Follow up with related learning resources

What are the benefits?

  • Opportunity to collect real life data for the Wear Rivers Trust and Environment Agency
  • Monitoring process helps build science skills of survey, observation and analysis
  • Increases understanding of river habitats through hands-on experience
  • Structured opportunity for learning outside the classroom
  • Encourages young people to explore and respect their environment

A more-detailed information pack is available to download here. Other project resources can be found on our Riverfly Resources page. To learn more about riverfly monitoring and to see the data our schools and volunteers are collecting you can explore our dedicated webpages: Riverfly for Schools and Community Groups.

Riverfly for Schools is for young people from Key Stage 2 upwards and can be adapted to suit the age of participants. Training, sampling kit, identification guides and project support will be provided free.

For more information please contact Education Officer Lucy Lovett.

Funders and supporters of the Riverfly for Schools project:

Tyne and Wear Community Foundation  Environment Agency  Limestone Landscapes    North Pennines AONB  Riverfly Partnership   Northumbrian Water

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