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Riverfly for Schools Resources

These resources have been created to aid teachers in carrying out riverfly monitoring with young people:

Key Documents

Riverfly Project Information Pack - the full details for teachers interested/taking part in the project

Curriculum Pack (Key Stage 2) - project curriculum links and topics with suggested activities and resources to build on Riverfly monitoring

Identification, Results and Recording Charts

Riverfly ID Sheet - to make copies of for the childre you'll be working with

River Creatures ID Sheet - to help identify other river creatures you may find

Riverfly Results Sheet - a user-friendly recording sheet to take with you to the river

Riverfly Recording Chart (month) - for displaying your results in the classroom

Riverfly Recording Chart (year) - for displaying your monthly results in the classroom

Pictures for Recording Chart key - you may like to use these to show species counts on your chart

Riverfly Recording Chart (year) with blank key - for if you want to make your own key


Guide to using Riverfly Project webpages - instructions on how to upload your Riverfly results

Learning Resources

Introductory Presentation - slides introducing children to the project

Riverfly Word Search - activity to introduce riverflies

Health and Safety Guide for Water Margins Work - for reference when working with children at the river

Food Chains - double-sided cards to create river food chains

Mayfly Nymph Fact Sheet - describes various mayfly adaptations

Mayfly Lifecycle

Mayfly Resources - a list of websites and videos to research mayflies

Mayfly Questions - for children to research

Mayfly Answers - completed question sheet

Salmon Lifecycle

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Invasive Species

Stop The Spread of invasive species by following the Check Clean Dry campaign!