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What can I do?

Tree Planting at Low Batt, Stanhope

Helping with practical tasks

The Wear Rivers Trust runs a number of practical tasks throughout the year, so if you want to get your hands dirty, get fit and help the environment this is for you.

See the events calendar for more details.

To ensure that all Health & Safety legislation is complied with, we'd need to know of any medical or health issues that may affect you during practical tasks. Please enter this when registering in the form below. This data will be kept confidential at all times.

Recording and Reporting


Having people report species sightings helps us to identify important management works required to keep the river environment healthy. These sightings include both rare and sensitive species as well as those most likely to cause problems.

We're also collecting incident reports to ensure that the river is healthy for all of us to use.

Helping out at events and activities

As we're trying to expand our events programme we're looking for people to help out. This may involve looking after a display or exhibition stand, running children's games or helping with guided walks.


Look out for future events on our web site

Invasive Species

Stop The Spread of invasive species by following the Check Clean Dry campaign!