Riverfly for Schools and Community Groups in the Wear Catchment

The project is being run throughout the River Wear Catchment.

The map shows the schools and community groups who are currently involved in the project.

The Wear at hester-le-Street

The Riverfly for Schools and Community Groups project is based on the Anglers Monitoring Initiative run by the Riverfly Partnership. The project aims to encourage schools and community groups to actively monitor the health of their local streams and rivers by catching various indicator species and telling us what they've caught. The data that is collected will help us determine the water quality.

The project will

  • help groups learn about the aquatic environment and get involved in protecting it,
  • collect and share important ecological data,
  • flag up possible pollution problems
  • create links between interested parties
  • identify areas with the potential for further environmental work or study

All training and equipment will be provided. If you would like to get involved, or find out more, please contact us.

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