Wear Catchment Partnership (WCP)

  The Wear Catchment Partnership (WCP) was established in 2011 through the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) “A community-led approach that engages people and groups from across society to help improve our precious water environments. CaBA Partnerships are now actively working in 100+ catchments across England and Wales.” (www.catchmentbasedapproach.org). The Partnership membership, function and structure are detailed in the WCP Memorandum of Understanding.

The Partnership aims to deliver a healthy rural and urban Wear catchment through integrated land and water management, flexibly addressing the multiple historic industrial and modern development pressures on the river system, delivered through public and voluntary sector and widest business partnership working underpinned by active community participation. Healthy river catchments provide enjoyment and well-being for people; rich and diverse wildlife; and support positive economic development.