The website remains under development This list is illustrative and not yet representative. The intention is to locate all of our past and present projects into an interactive map with a drop down description of each project.

Complete Projects List


  • Bedburn Fish Easement
  • Broom Mill Farm Habitat Improvement
  • Burnhall and Burnigill Habitat Improvement
  • Catchment Restoration Fund, Deerness Fish Easements 
  • Cong Burn Fish Easement
  • Deerness Feasibility Studies
  • Farm Pollution Pathway Interpretation 
  • Langley Bridge Fish Easement
  • Swinhope Burn Fish Passage
  • Trod Beck Fish Easement
  • Twizell Burn Catchment Restoration
  • Twizell Youth Engagement
  • Wapping Burn Business Engagement