Wear Rivers Trust

Pollution Incident Hotline: 0800 80 70 60


Built by business, for business, benefitting everyone!

Wear Rivers Trust are proud to be part of Northeastshare where we can network with other businesses in our County, where we can work together, save time and money, help each other, help the counties economy and reduce our carbon footprint which is important to us being an environmental charity.


The ‘Share’ platforms aim to ‘pool’ the counties resources in one place to make life, and work, easier for as many people as possible. By ‘sharing’ all we have and know, on one central platform, opportunities increase and we can find what we need at our fingertips! By working together, we save time and money, we help each other, we reduce our carbon footprint, increase our social values and keep more money right here, in our fabulous county! By advertising and looking for jobs in one place, we recruit locally and reduce our unemployment rates.

The Share platform is filled with local suppliers, jobs, training providers, tenders, events, awards, networking groups, news, offers, discounts, advice, information and funding from across the county – all pooled by our fantastic members, who believe in a better, stronger North East!. Every click on our site counts for our members so please do use it. Better still, why not make a stand for your county and join us!