Wear Rivers Trust

Pollution Incident Hotline: 0800 80 70 60

With over 70% of the UK being farmland, we need to act now to deliver for our farmers

and for wildlife at a landscape scale.

Environmental Farming

We understand the importance of profitable and environmental farming for our region’s rivers and farmers, so we work hard to improve farm environmental standards in a way that also benefits farmers.

Holistic Approach

Our policy is to create holistic farm management plans that work alongside natural processes to reduce pollution, build soil health, and create resistance to climate change, while also increasing profitability.

Farm Evaluations

We work closely with industry leading partners to evaluate farm practices and create a farm business that builds soil health, creates resistance to climate change and boosts profitability.

Working in a Challenging Landscape

Our areas of focus also include reducing the sediment run-off and nutrient losses that farmland in the Wear catchment can be susceptible to, as a result of the steep glacial valleys and ephemeral streams  found throughout the area.

Opportunities to work with us

Farmers in the Browney Catchment

We are working with farmers in the River Browney Catchment region right now.

Farmers in the Gaunless Catchment

We are working with farmers in the River Gaunless Catchment region right now.

Enforcement Undertakings

Need help with an Enforcement Undertaking? We can offer offer specialist advice & more.

Our focus on soil health

We focus on how soil health can effect water quality in the Wear Catchment

Farming rules for Water

Introduced in 2018, learn more about what FRW require farmers to do

Carbon Connects

Some key videos and information explaining our work in the carbon and farming sector