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The Scourge of Plastic Pollution

Peter Nailon, WRT Strategic Funding Director, has given recent talks on the scourge of plastic pollution to the Heritage Coast Partnership Annual Form https://durhamheritagecoast.org and the North East Share business group https://northeastshare.co.uk/

Plastics breakdown into tiny particles, polluting the environment at the micro and nano-scales, even entering the human food chain.

Caddis fly larvae build a case to pupate in, from the materials close to hand, gathering stones, sand and leaves, and wrapping them with silk. In the case of the cover photo the caddis fly has incorporated small pieces of hard plastic into the structure of its cocoon, clearly illustrating the scale of the plastics problem.

Peter described how communities, schools and businesses could get involved through the Wear Plastic Free initiative, operating across the whole catchment.

If you want to make the Wear Plastic Free and support action on plastic pollution perhaps through suggesting ways to reduce plastic use, or improve recycling at work, get involved in clean-ups or support the plastics management with a financial donation please contact admin@wear-rivers-trust.org.uk

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